Victory’s New Cruiser?

The photo shows a new liquid cooled Victory equipped with a fender mounted sensor pack recording the performance parameters in some fairly nasty weather. Photo credit: MCN Victory has been rumored to be making a liquid cooled motorcycle for several months.  Design sketches were leaked initially. Eventually they were tied back to Victory designers as […]

Harley Davidson Livewire! Why this is a big deal.  HD is the largest manufacturer to date to release a production electric bike.  Even though this is a pre-production test it is still monumental for the electric motorcycle industry. 

Interview with Motorcycle Radio host Kenn Blanchard

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kenn Blanchard for some Q&A about his current passion, Motorcycle Radio.  Kenn hosts the podcast talking about anything and everything to do with motorcycles.  There are interviews with riders, tech questions, events, and whatever else comes to Kenn’s mind popping up in his broadcasts.  His website […]

EBR Launches New 1190 SX

EBR today showed off the new 1190 SX. Details are sparse at the moment but it looks to be a nice package with the body work dropped off of the RX and not much else down graded. We will have to wait to see if engine performance is at the same level. Video added: Comment […]

#XGamesFlatTrack: The time is right.

This is an idea who’s time has come. Flat track is as American as apple pie, baseball, and arguing over the NFL draft. Titans of the motorcycling world got their start in flat track racing. Men with not only dirt track championships but multiple world titles in not just one but several classes. Men with […]

Electric Bikes at the Isle of Man TT.

Earlier today John McGuinness won his 21st race at the Isle of Man. He did so on the Honda Mugen electric super bike. In the process he also set the outright lap record at just over 117.3 mph. This is faster than the side car lap record. Pretty amazing for a guy nursing a recovering […]

The Joy of Riding in the Rain.

What is it about a rain ride that just seems to put a smile on my face. It seems lately that I can’t ride enough when it’s raining.  It has turned into an almost cathartic experience allowing me to shrink my sense into my helmet and focus on the ride and what’s happening in my […]

Parts Unlimited Review

Very recently I have had to deal with an unfortunate scenario. My primary helmet started leaking around the eye port and it developed a rattle on the visor peak. I ride daily with an Icon Variant Construct, which up until now had been performing flawlessly. Icon had been pretty good in the past about taking […]

Happy Memorial Day

To everyone who has ever put on a uniform to defend your neighbor, your family, and this country I salute you for your service. Thank you for serving before me, with me, and after me.