Complaint Department

Welcome to the “Complaint Department” where we rant and rave and sometimes share our thoughts on topics involving vehicles of all types. 

Road Rules – Why You Should Biker Wave

Waving and riding have always gone together for me. The camaraderie of the road and riding two wheels just fit. Those other riders are the only people who get what it feels like.

Being a Motorcycle Mentor

What does it mean to be a mentor? Webster’s defines a mentor as “someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person”. That’s a great starting point but doesn’t really give the whole story. Mentoring is more than just telling someone what to do, how to do it, […]

Design a Bike with 2WAAM

So here is the idea. We take all he comments, ideas, and info that you and I come up with and design a bike. Some constraints for the design are as follows. Must be naturally aspirated, all purpose for all roads, and be able to carry two people plus luggage. Everything else is up to […]