Review – Bates Bomber Boots

New boots are one of my favorite pieces of gear to get. They are also one of my least favorite pieces of gear to purchase. Trying to find boots that, offer protection, and look good can be a very daunting task.

Review – Moose Racing Expedition Suit

When this riding suit first hit the market several years ago I wasn’t exactly blown away. The Moose Racing brand didn’t really seem to be a company poised to do great things in the ADV market. Particularly as a motocross focused company.

Review – Biltwell Gringo S LE Checker

Biltwell Inc builds new products with old school cool designed right in to every bolt, screw, nut, and fabric they use to make their extensive product line. 

Review – Aerostitch Transit 2 Riding Suit

If I say Aerostitch what do you think of? Stodgy, boring designs that are so effective they have an almost cult like following? What if I told you they also make a black on black full leather riding suit that looks so badass the devil himself would wear it?

Review – Shoei Hornet X2

For 2015 Shoei introduced the all new Hornet X2 to replace it’s aging Hornet DS. Did they hit it out of the park or is it just a minor update? Read on to find out.

2WAAM Review – Richa Spirit Suit

Richa is a Belgian motorcycle apparel manufacturer that packs a ton of features into their moto gear. The Richa Spirit jacket and pants are one of the most unique riding suits on the market.

Every Day Carry

They are sharp, dangerous, and necessary. What are we talking about? Knives. That sharp cutting tool that our ancient ancestors first invented to simply survive. The knife still has many uses and is why I carry one everyday. This is another new area here at 2WAAM, talking specifically about items that aren’t on the vehicle […]

Tentsile Stingray Tree Tent

One of the best parts about owning an off road vehicle is going camping. we recently returned our Eco Trek Camper and are about to start reviewing a tree tent from Tentsile.

The Latest and Greatest ADV Gear

Every spring I get an itch to get something new—whether it’s a new bike, new seat, new luggage, new gear… well you get the idea. With that in mind, here are some things we thought were pretty interesting heading into the riding season.

Moose Racing Heated Seat Kit

If you ride in cold weather and have never had a heated seat you owe it to yourself to try one. If you have ahead seat you already know what I am talking about. When your core is warm the rest of your blood can flow to your extremities keeping your arms, hands, and feet […]