Saving Lives – Motorcycle Ambulance

The world we live in is certainly different then 200 years ago. Modern roads, modern vehicles, modern medicine all make our lives far easier than our ancestors. There are people around the world who do not have these advantages.

Documentary – No Ordinary Passenger

No Ordinary Passenger is a short film about the life and racing career of sidecar racer Stan Dibben. The documentary, directed by Cabel Hopkins, looks at Dibben’s 1953 two man team that won the World Sidecar Championship and other racing feats from his long career.

Happy Veteran’s Day

If you are reading this thank a vet, if you own a home thank a vet, if you drive a car, if you breathe air in the land of the free thank a veteran. American pride is a powerful thing and we need it more than ever.

Guy Martin + Britten V1000 = Amazing!

All round good guy, slightly mumble mouthed Guy Martin has ridden some pretty amazing stuff. From setting world records on downhill snow luge, to skimming a dirt bike across water, and of course riding the TT at close to 130 MPH he  has a knack for going fast. Well, Guy got to check off a […]

Restoring an Old Motorcycle (IE: Working on Junk)

Working on old bikes can be cathartic. It can also add way more stress to your life. Today started off very cathartic and turned very stressful. I have been working on a friends 1995 DR125SE for, well forever it feels like. I got it not running and in mostly finished condition months ago. A little […]

Reviews: Indian Motorcycle

Indian motorcycles is a marque with a storied and spotted history.  Once going toe to toe with Harley Davidson and often beating them.  Indian originally closed its doors in 1953 after several years of post war decline and an ownership change. This is where things get interesting and many people have since owned the Indian name.  […]