Lady Riders with 2WAAM

I write a column very similar to this on but that is very HD centric as you can imagine. Todays Lady Rider chose a different path for her two wheeled adventures and we at 2WAAM think that is exactly how life should be. WC: Will you share you name with our reader? Jenny Otto […]

Places to Visit: Bean Rush Cafe

Destinations are places that we generally think of as far away. They take hours to get there and the journey is just a necessary evil. When you ride a motorcycle that is the exact opposite. Destinations can be anywhere and the journey to get there is more important than the where. Sometimes you get lucky […]

Interview with Motorcycle Radio host Kenn Blanchard

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kenn Blanchard for some Q&A about his current passion, Motorcycle Radio.  Kenn hosts the podcast talking about anything and everything to do with motorcycles.  There are interviews with riders, tech questions, events, and whatever else comes to Kenn’s mind popping up in his broadcasts.  His website […]