Design a Bike with 2WAAM

So here is the idea. We take all he comments, ideas, and info that you and I come up with and design a bike. Some constraints for the design are as follows. Must be naturally aspirated, all purpose for all roads, and be able to carry two people plus luggage. Everything else is up to […]

Project Hard Rock: Exhaust

The 2015 Jeep Wrangler is quiet. This is a good thing for the most part. Even with the soft top most outside noise is muffled nicely allowing you to have a pleasant conversation. What’s not good is how quiet the exhaust is. This makes it hard to modulate that throttle and is frankly boring. Time […]

Project Hard Rock

I know what you are thinking. Well, maybe I don’t but here is my best guess. A 4 wheeled vehicle on 2 Wheels and a Motor? What gives? What gives is that sometimes in life you need support. In this case we are going to build an adventure spec chase rig that can carry supplies, […]

Project Scrambler Update

For those following, all two of you, here is an update to Project Scrambler. When I last updated I had installed the Arrow 2 into 1 pipe and had the ECU flashed with the Triumph fuel map to compliment the pipe. Since then it has run flawlessly. No popping on decel, wonderful power, and smooth […]

Project Scrambler Performance Upgrade

Project Scrambler received the first performance upgrade this week.  We fitted the Arrow 2 into 1 high pipe that is sold as an accessory through Triumph. Removal of the old exhaust is not hard but did require more work than expected.  The real trick was having to loosen the front oil cooler to give clearance […]

Project Scrambler: Crash Protection

The Scrambler comes fitted with a set of Bridgestone Trail Wing tires.  I would call them a 60/40 tire and they do handle the gravel pretty well so far.  Mud would probably be too much to ask but everything else they work well, so far.  Because they have this off road prowess I plan to […]

2WAAM Project Scrambler

So in a recent fit of desperation and frustration I became the owner of not one but two bikes.  One of those bikes is a 2013 Triumph Scrambler. I have only owned the bike a week and people are constantly stopping me to ask about it.  How old it is, what is it, who makes […]