Adding Power to the 2014 Ténéré

As many of you know we have done a lot of work to our Yamaha Ténéré. It’s the basis for a lot of parts, luggage, seat, and tire reviews. While it has been a great work horse for us, it still needed a bit more grunt. With that in mind, we changed a few parts […]

2WAAM’s Tenere Gets a Saddlemen Seat!

Ok I am going to say it. My butt gets sore when I ride. It sucks, it shortens rides, and once it starts there is no fixing it until you are done and can sleep for a few hours. My issues started about 4 years ago when I started losing weight. My life had flipped […]

2WAAM Reviews the 2015 Indian Scout

There are a lot of stereotypes and expectations of an American cruiser bike. It’s supposed to be an air-cooled v-twin; it’s supposed to run like [REDACTED] doody*; it’s supposed to position you comfortably enough to feel relaxed with the idea of crossing the country in an ob-gyn chair; it’s not supposed to corner; and you’re […]

Review: Kriega USA Tank Bag

What you are looking at is a tank bag that is not made in the traditional style we are used to seeing and it certainly performs its job differently. Then again Kriega doesn’t do things the traditional way, they do things their way. Kriega makes end of the world quality equipment – the kind of gear that you […]

Long Term Review: Aerostitch Fallstaff Jacket and AD1 Pants

Aerostitch is a clothier who designs, manufactures, and wears their riding apparel in all conditions testing them to the limits and beyond. They also definitely have a style all their own. The first thing you notice about the Falstaff jacket is the already worn and broken in style. It’s waxed cotton and soft to the […]

Review: Scorpion 900 X Transformer Helmet

For 2014 Scorpion took a very good helmet in the 900 and made it lighter, simpler, and dropped the price by $100. Did it make it better or did they just cut corners? The 900X Transformer helmet is a modular, flip-face, design that incorporates an internal sun visor and a surprise feature we will discuss […]

Kawasaki H2 and H2 R – Is it too much?

We have been giving the Kawasaki H2 and H2 R a lot of thought lately. The one thing that keeps coming up is why? As a design to push the envelope of performance it works, as a street bike not so much. Plaything for the wealthy, again that works. A motorcycle for daily use or […]

Review: Kawasaki Concours 14

As I have already chronicled in other reviews, I went to Carlisle Bike Fest in PA to test ride anything that a fool would let me swing my stinky leg over. Honestly, test riding is one of my favorite activities, and the test rides will form stories for many a day. Before I tell you […]

Places to Visit: Bean Rush Cafe

Destinations are places that we generally think of as far away. They take hours to get there and the journey is just a necessary evil. When you ride a motorcycle that is the exact opposite. Destinations can be anywhere and the journey to get there is more important than the where. Sometimes you get lucky […]