Adding Power to the 2014 Ténéré

As many of you know we have done a lot of work to our Yamaha Ténéré. It’s the basis for a lot of parts, luggage, seat, and tire reviews. While it has been a great work horse for us, it still needed a bit more grunt. With that in mind, we changed a few parts […]

Automatic Brakes on a Motorcycle?

A research doctor in Australia suggested at an international safety convention that automatic brakes on a motorcycle could save lives. Read the original piece here… We aren’t going to regurgitate the story. Instead let’s break down that thought process. We aren’t saying they won’t work just outlining the major challenges. How much braking would it apply? Enough […]

Project Scrambler Performance Upgrade

Project Scrambler received the first performance upgrade this week.  We fitted the Arrow 2 into 1 high pipe that is sold as an accessory through Triumph. Removal of the old exhaust is not hard but did require more work than expected.  The real trick was having to loosen the front oil cooler to give clearance […]