Documentary – No Ordinary Passenger

No Ordinary Passenger is a short film about the life and racing career of sidecar racer Stan Dibben. The documentary, directed by Cabel Hopkins, looks at Dibben’s 1953 two man team that won the World Sidecar Championship and other racing feats from his long career.

Johnny Knoxville Shoots Evel Knievel Documentary

Jackass daredevil, front man, and  certifiably crazy Johnny Knoxville has produced a bare all documentary about stunt legend Evel Knievel. If the trailer for ‘Being Evel’ is anything the movie – by then the film certainly looks a lot more promising than the glut of Knievel documentaries released since his death in 2007. For starters, […]

Stunting as a Sport?

King Tony and his crew tearing it up at American Eagle Harley Davidson. We also discuss whether stunting can be turned into a legitimate sport.

Tobacco Motorcycle Jeans New Models

Tobacco Motorwear Company is on a mission to evolve protective riding gear. Their recent Kickstarter campaign is directed at riders around the world looking for better looking riding gear. Their selvedge denim jeans are not only lined with flesh saving Kevlar, they actually look as good, if not better, than your average normal jeans. “What I found was […]

HOGs in Space!

OK so it’s not in space and well the phrase is really “Pigs in Space!”. Bonus points to anyone who gets that reference. When pigs fly is a term often used to describe something that people assume will never happen. 113 years after the first Harley Davidson was produced they became a plane, and in […]

Ducati Scrambler: Exhaust Perfection

Haven’t had a chance to cover the Ducati Scrambler much. One of the most anticipated Ducati’s in recent memory it flips the nostalgia market on its proverbial head. Lighter, faster, and more stylish than the competition with more modern features as well we predict it will be their second best selling model behind the monster […]

Rossi makes an Amazing Pass at Monza!

If you know motorsports you probably have heard of Valentino Rossi (VR46). If you don’t follow motorcycles or live in a hole he is arguably the greatest motorcycle racer of all time. 9 times World Champion, 108 wins in GP racing from 125s to MotoGP, and following many other successful two wheeled racers he also […]

Ride Video Game

For those that love to ride a motorcycle in the digital world when the weather turns south they can be a real let down. Most games are not very good or have such convoluted menus and load times you stop caring very quickly. I am looking at you WSBK. Arguably the best motorcycle video game […]

Kawasaki H2 Teaser

All your Kawasaki H2 teaser videos in one spot. Not sure if I am excited by this bike or just annoyed at this point with all the fake hype.  

John Penton Movie Showing

From a friend of 2WAAM a chance to see a great motorcycle movie. Here is an opportunity to see a great motorcycle movie.  It is about the life and times of John Penton and the development of the Penton motorcycle.  John was a major force in defining the light weight, two stroke, off-road, competition bikes […]