Road Rules – Common Courtesy to Improve the World


Want to know what’s wrong with the world today? So do I. Want to know something we can do to improve the world? Common courtesy.It wasn’t that long ago I wrote about “Road Rules – Why You Should Biker Wave” and what that might mean to the other rider. I think it is time we expanded that idea.


I recall growing up being taught to respect my elders, open the door for the next person coming through, letting others in front of you in line who needed it. Mom’s with kids, little old ladies, and people who were only buying one item compared to our cart full. Sure there are people who take advantage of these situations, but the vast majority of people appreciate the gesture.

Now it’s more likely that people just stare at the unruly kids, they make sure no one can get around them, and try to force their way in front of others. I am no self help guru but that level of selfishness is unhealthy. Completely lacking in courtesy.



Since we are riders I felt this was an important section. As riders we tend to be arrogant about “owning” the road, cars are impediments to our travel, and “cagers” are our enemies. Car drivers feel the same way which makes for a very antagonist relationship and not unlike my previous marriage. Stop speeding, stop weaving, and stop cutting people off. Some riders will be mad at that statement – but I don’t just mean riders, I mean everyone. On my way to work this morning I saw every kind of traffic violation, speeding, texting, cutting off other drivers for an extra 10 feet of forward travel, racing from a stop to pass one car before the merge and more. The funny thing is as I meandered along – I arrived at the same place and at the same time as those drivers who were blitzkrieging the interstate and merge lanes. I sat directly behind them at the light before we turned into work and we parked within seconds of each other. They were frazzled, hyper, and irritable. I was calm and happy. Same drive, same place, same time, two different attitudes. People need to relearn how to budget time and plan accordingly. 

What to do?

You should do what movies, poets, and life teachers have been telling us for a very long time. Stop and smell the roses. relax, slow down, plan your day better, and don’t be in such a rush. I doubt the other driver noticed the sun peaking up over the horizon this morning. It was beautiful. Respect other people even if they don’t respect you, be kind, and be courteous.


One thought on “Road Rules – Common Courtesy to Improve the World

  • December 8, 2015 at 6:15 am

    It doesn’t take much, as you said. Most of us are rushing trough the day and we drive for need not for pleasure.

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