Project Scrambler Performance Upgrade

Project Scrambler received the first performance upgrade this week.  We fitted the Arrow 2 into 1 high pipe that is sold as an accessory through Triumph.

Removal of the old exhaust is not hard but did require more work than expected.  The real trick was having to loosen the front oil cooler to give clearance to remove the head pipe assembly.  Once that was done the entire front section of pipe came off and progress could be made.

Installation is straightforward.  The entire system is held together by tension from springs.  The pipes are excellently finished and slip together easily creating a very good seal without gaskets or clamps.  All exhausts should fit this well.  There are two heat shields to protect your legs from the hot metal.  There is a new passenger peg hanger on the right.  The pipe sits out further and the peg needs moved so it can be used fully.

You can see in the picture it still retains that high location of the original.

Scrambler Arrow

There is a quick video of it after install.  The cameras speaker is overwhelmed by the volume of the exhaust.  We will work on a better quality clip.  (Video is right after install in my shed)

The bike has had the Triumph performance tune downloaded to the ECU.  The bike runs much smoother with little to no pop on deceleration.  It makes it a much easier ride.  The pipe allows the motor to rev much more freely.   Acceleration to highway speed has improved, it takes less throttle to maintain that higher speed.  Top end power is definitely stronger and 100 is not out of reach.  The stock exhaust felt like 80 was all it was going to do without a straight the length of Nebraska.

We have plans to have a dyne run to see where the power numbers are, and to get a good reading on current AFR.  If this needs to be improved we will look to add a fuel controller and report our findings.

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