Lady Riders with 2WAAM

Jenny Otto

I write a column very similar to this on but that is very HD centric as you can imagine. Todays Lady Rider chose a different path for her two wheeled adventures and we at 2WAAM think that is exactly how life should be.

WC: Will you share you name with our reader?

Jenny Otto

WC: How many years have you been riding?

JO: 5 years

WC: What got you started?

JO: My husband and I took the Motor Cycle Safety course at PG Community College. I only took the course with him to better understand it so I would not be so fearful about him riding. I had no intention of getting my license  but it turned out I loved it as much as he did and insisted on getting my own bike.

WC: What is it that keeps you riding?

JO: I love it. It is meditation in motion and helps me practice being in the present moment.

WC: What would you do differently?

JO: Have time to take more courses to improve my skills.

Let’s talk a bit about that bike of yours.

WC: What do you ride?

JO: 2010 BMW F650 GS

WC: Any modifications?

JO: A cushion on the seat.

WC: Why did you chose a F650 GS?

JO: It is an Enduro bike, which means it is good off road as well as on road. I figured since I was new at this the possibility of going off ride by “accident” was high. So I wanted a bike that could handle that “just in case”

WC: What would you change if you were doing it again?

JO: Nothing. When I overshot a turn by “accident” the bike had very little damage. The bike helped me through an unfinished road when I went cross country with the group. My bike made it without falling because of the design.

We couldn’t agree more with the voice of a 650GS as a bike for anyone who wants to go anywhere. Tell us your thoughts about the bike and the column in the comments!

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