Automatic Brakes on a Motorcycle?


A research doctor in Australia suggested at an international safety convention that automatic brakes on a motorcycle could save lives. Read the original piece here…¬†We aren’t going to regurgitate¬†the story.

Instead let’s break down that thought process. We aren’t saying they won’t work just outlining the major challenges. How much braking would it apply? Enough to lock the front wheel? Just enough to get the riders attention? Would it brake when leaned over? Would it actually help? How much weight and cost and complexity would this add?

People railed against ABS and yet it has proven its worth on motorcycles. Electronics have, for the most part, improved our riding experience. KTM has a system that allows the ABS to function in corners making the bike among the safest ever built.


If something like this were to exist and be installed here is what we would like to see. That the brakes only applied enough force to begin the slow down. It would be up to the rider to complete the action. That it only would work in the corners when combined a system like KTM is using for maximum safety. It needs to be able to be turned off when riding off road. This entire system would be unsafe on dirt, gravel, wet grass etc… It needs to be small, lightweight and use as many existing sensors as possible.

In reality we are not in favor of this technology. We would prefer to see more training that is targeted at riding conditions. Parking lot training is a good start but life is not in a parking lot. We would like to see the current safety systems be installed on all motorcycles and not a cost cutting measure that gets dropped off as soon as the bean counters want to sell a cheaper bike.

Tell us what you think of motorcycles with automatic brakes.


10 thoughts on “Automatic Brakes on a Motorcycle?

  • December 8, 2015 at 6:24 am

    I would love to try this, althogh I am not really sure if it bring some additional safety. Bikers are usualy more focused on the road in front of them than the car drivers. Also the brakes should be very sensitive cause if they are activated to intense it is even more dangerous than if they don’t at all, in my opinion

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