CSC Cyclone EPA Approved for Sale

California Scooter Company (CSC Motorcycles) started out as a manufacturer of re-imagined Mustang motorcycles. Now they have begun importing a bike that many in the adventure market have been pining for. A small displacement, full-featured ADV bike, for a targeted MSRP of $3,495.

The CSC Cyclone has a 250CC liquid cooled  fuel injected, and counter balanced motor with a 6-speed transmission, adjustable suspension, and a set of hard luggage standard. Fitted with engine guards and a two year warranty you are getting amazing bang for the buck.


One of the items that has been holding CSC back was the quagmire that is the EPA certification process. The Government is no longer an obstacle and EPA has certified the Cyclone for sale in the US. California still requires C.A.R.B approval to sell in the home state of CSC.

“We’re pleased with the EPA approval,” said Steve Seidner, CSC Motorcycles President and Chief Executive Officer. “The CSC Cyclone is an adventure touring bike that makes sense, and we believe its 250cc engine size is a perfect solution to real world adventure touring needs.”

“The combination of these two emerging markets – the adventure touring and the 250cc segments – represents a tremendous opportunity for CSC Motorcycles and for our customers,” Seidner said. It’s good to see that critical experts in this field agree with us; this is a great motorcycle and at its $3495 price, it represents incredible value.   We know that the Cyclone’s quality is as good as or better than any other motorcycle on the market today, including expensive European imports that cost 8 times as much as the Cyclone.”

Yes it’s made in China and yes it’s 250cc, but this is what so many on the ADV community keep asking for. A small displacement lightweight go anywhere bike. Priced at $3,495, people now need to speak with their wallets and send a message to the other manufacturers about what they are willing to actually pay for.

The 250cc market has been exploding in the last couple years with Honda, Kawasaki, and even Suzuki introducing bikes that could easily power a competitor to the CSC. Can they beat it on price or will reliability become a major issue? Probably not, but the major manufacturers  can easily package more features from their parts inventory to make a competitor with more safety items.



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