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For those that love to ride a motorcycle in the digital world when the weather turns south they can be a real let down. Most games are not very good or have such convoluted menus and load times you stop caring very quickly. I am looking at you WSBK. Arguably the best motorcycle video game in the history of consoles is Tourist Trophy by Polyphony Digital for the PS2.

This is a PS2 game with this level of graphics detail and the physics are still better than any game out today. It was not easy to play and that was the point. Once you became proficient there was a real sense of accomplishment.

There is a rumbling of digital exhausts coming. Milestone, makers of the current MotoGP game, have announced Ride.

RIDE will take super bike racing off the track and onto a “huge variety” of city, country and historic circuits from across the world of motorcycling. There will be over 100 bikes available across 4 different categories: Superbikes, Supersports, Naked and Historical.

Milestone also promises vehicle and rider customization to keep gameplay “fresh and exhilarating”, and claims that the game will “alter the concept of ‘motorcycle video games’ forever”.

From Milestone:

“It is with great pleasure that we are able to publicly announce our first proprietary IP: RIDE,” said Milestone’s director of marketing and sales Marco Micallef. “Milestone has worked hard over the last few years to get to the position we are in today, where we can compete with the major companies in the international gaming scene on an equal footing. This was made possible with the help of the licensed games we develop and distribute worldwide.

“After more than 15 years of hard work, we felt the need to develop something that would bring together all our expertise and encapsulate the Milestone DNA with respect to the world of motorcycling. As always throughout the history of the company, we have analysed what our international community of players have been asking us for and carried out internal research to find out how we could satisfy their demands in full. With RIDE we’re confident that players and motorcycle enthusiasts the world over will feel the irresistible urge, pad clutched in hands, perched on the edge of the sofa, to physically lean into those corners as they speed along the tracks.”

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