Bike Tech – Riding Position

Most people think of riding position and conjure up images of an elbow out and knee down. I am talking about your relationship to the handle bar and pegs. I recently let go of one of the motorcycles in my garage because of this relationship. I couldn’t ride it without discomfort anymore and the option […]

Gear – Stylmartin Rocket Boots

Riding boots by their nature or either stylish or protective. Stylmartin crafts boots that are both. Check out their full line up here.

Testing – inRoute APP for Trip Planning and More

The new inRoute 5.1 update adds seven custom route types based on the weather, elevation, or curviness of routes. For example, a family planning their summer road trip can create routes with the lowest temperatures or least precipitation; travelers towing a trailer may favor routes with the least elevation gain for a safer, easier drive; and […]

Campfire Recipes – Hillbilly Fish

I really don’t know why this is a called Hillbilly Fish but I don’t always name the recipes we share. What I will say is the addition of dressing to the cooking of fish is a tasty topping and really adds some flavor to your meal.

Documentary – No Ordinary Passenger

No Ordinary Passenger is a short film about the life and racing career of sidecar racer Stan Dibben. The documentary, directed by Cabel Hopkins, looks at Dibben’s 1953 two man team that won the World Sidecar Championship and other racing feats from his long career.

Riding Skills – Brake Control

The next time you think about your motorcycle walk over to it and do this five-minute drill. Doing this drill will reduce your chances of crashing, improve your bike’s handling, and help your have better control with the most powerful component on your motorcycle.

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Just a few weeks stand between motorcycle enthusiasts and the launch of Royal Enfield’s highly anticipated Himalayan adventure motorcycle. The Himalayan is expected to go on sale in India in March. Not helpful to those of us here in the US, but it marks a new entrant into the small ADV market.

Travel – Trips to Take Before I Die

Apparently the only way to describe a list of items you wish to accomplish before you die is to call it your “bucket list”. So over the long boring and wet weekend I came up with a couple of bucket list trips.

Complaint Department

Welcome to the “Complaint Department” where we rant and rave and sometimes share our thoughts on topics involving vehicles of all types.