Review – Shoei Hornet X2

For 2015 Shoei introduced the all new Hornet X2 to replace it’s aging Hornet DS. Did they hit it out of the park or is it just a minor update? Read on to find out.

Campfire Recipes – Brown Bears

Brown bears are perfect for filling your belly with a warm carb heavy treat. When you camp you need fuel, that doesn’t mean it can’t taste delicious or be a treat.

Free Riding Academy for Veterans

It’s back! Harley is once again offering the Free Riding Academy motorcycle training to all current & former U.S. military.

Yamaha Naked R1 (FZ1 Replacement?)

Yamaha proudly proclaim that the new MT-10 is the “most remarkable naked bike to be developed by Yamaha so far”, and there’s no doubting the naked R1’s aggressive impact goes far beyond any previous Yamaha naked. The Ten puts the firm into an completely new segment of the market, and the bike in its crosshairs is BMW’s […]

Happy Veteran’s Day

If you are reading this thank a vet, if you own a home thank a vet, if you drive a car, if you breathe air in the land of the free thank a veteran. American pride is a powerful thing and we need it more than ever.

AltRider DualControl Brake Kit

The average person takes 0.5 to 1 full second to react to hazards. Traveling at 60 MPH, a rider will travel 25 to 50 feet before being able to properly react.

2WAAM Review – Richa Spirit Suit

Richa is a Belgian motorcycle apparel manufacturer that packs a ton of features into their moto gear. The Richa Spirit jacket and pants are one of the most unique riding suits on the market.

Camping Recipes – Pizza Roll

Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s the perfect food with all of the basics in one convenient package. Normally to make pizza at camp requires a bit of work but for this recipe all you need is some aluminum foil and fire.

Every Day Carry

They are sharp, dangerous, and necessary. What are we talking about? Knives. That sharp cutting tool that our ancient ancestors first invented to simply survive. The knife still has many uses and is why I carry one everyday. This is another new area here at 2WAAM, talking specifically about items that aren’t on the vehicle […]