ALT Rider Engine Guards for Triumph’s Tiger 1200

First thing is first, I have not crash tested these bars. I did however like the fact that AltRider had a video showing the bars supporting the bike on the ground and what would hit in an off.

The bars are extremely sturdy, made from 1.25 stainless tubing. I had mine finished in the optional black powder coat. Fitment was easy and straightforward. The right bar mount using the rear engine mount bolt and replaces the stock washer with the mounting point of the bars. The left side is sandwiched between the foot peg and kickstand plate. Both sides are attached at several locations on the motor. They do not use any stand off bolts or other mechanism that would weaken the mounting point. Bolting the bars directly to the engine case locations allows for a very tight mounting and superior strength. The way the rear mount is designed looks like it would carry a load twice as heavy. For ease of installation, fit, and function I give these a 10/10. They even provide the Star bit needed to remove the motor mount bolt.

The bars have a unique storage area built in. You will either love this or completely ignore it. The storage space is not large, 4 inches deep and the diameter of the tubing. It is useful for a small survival kit, extra key, maybe some money, and paperwork. I currently fall into the completely ignore it category. The end caps on mine are very tight, which is good for waterproofing, very bad for easy use, and after working with it for a few minutes I gave up getting it off and screwed it back in.

The not so great but not bad: The finish on the throttle side bar was missing some powder coat in the AltRider logo. I did not notice this until it was installed unfortunately. I do not think it will hurt in the long run and I hit it with some touch up paint to protect against oxidation. My fault for not noticing prior to install, and frankly I believe AltRider would have made it right had I been more diligent in my pre-inspection. The function of the aforementioned storage pocket is not as nice as one would want but I can see the possible value.

The truly not good. AltRider currently does not make an accessory skid plate, and the other aftermarket offerings do not all fit with these bars. In fact one of the more robust options from SW Motech is completely incompatible.

Overall score 9/10. I almost forgot to mention I found the price to be about perfect as well. Slightly less than the competition in some cases.

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