Parts Unlimited Review

Very recently I have had to deal with an unfortunate scenario. My primary helmet started leaking around the eye port and it developed a rattle on the visor peak. I ride daily with an Icon Variant Construct, which up until now had been performing flawlessly. Icon had been pretty good in the past about taking care of issues and so I called them to get this looked at. My initial call went very well, tech said to send it in should be a warranty item and it definitely should not be leaking. They then told me to take it to my selling dealer and have them send it back. Dropped it off and thought everything would get repaired and I would have my helmet back shortly.

Here is where that ll falls apart. My dealer calls me and said that Parts Unlimited would not return my helmet if it was deemed a non-warranty item. It was Parts Unlimited policy. If they deemed it a warranty repair I would get a new helmet. So I had to risk the manufacturer not wanting to warranty an item and also not getting any helmet in return. This might be OK if the helmet was a $50 helmet. The Variant runs $350 and up. I stood to lose almost $400 over a leaky eye port and loud peak if the people who make the helmet decide it’s not warranty, and I would have no recourse. Nice way to get over and never actually lose for Parts Unlimited.

Currently the helmet sits at the dealer waiting for a local Parts Unlimited rep to review the helmet before sending it in. Even if the local rep decides it’s a warranty item that does not mean that when it gets sent in it will actually be warrantied. Just a best guess.

What’s your experience with helmet warranties from other companies and Parts Unlimited?

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