Project Scrambler: Crash Protection

The Scrambler comes fitted with a set of Bridgestone Trail Wing tires.  I would call them a 60/40 tire and they do handle the gravel pretty well so far.  Mud would probably be too much to ask but everything else they work well, so far.  Because they have this off road prowess I plan to ride the Scrambler on fire roads and wherever else the road looks reasonably passable.  That means rocks, roots, ruts, and holes.

In order to make sure wherever I get into I get back out of I decided to install some bash protection.  Item number one was a skid plate.  The Scrambler is mechanically simple with no exposed filter, no random hoses so the skid plate can be pretty basic.  Most offered mount right to the frame and that will give excellent protection.  I went with the Triumph factory skid plate.  It mounts to the frame tubes in the front, and underneath covering the entire bottom of the motor.  One inconvenience is the need to remove it to change the oil.  This is pretty common on ADV bikes so no surprise here either.

The other item I installed was a set of engine guards.  These are also Triumph items and they fit really well with the skid plate.  Replacing the front motor mount bolt and mounting to the lower part of the same frame tube plate as the skid plate it all ties together nicely.  The engine guards have a nice sturdy finish on them and are unobtrusive yet cover the main engine cases.  You can see both items in the picture.


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