Project Scrambler Update

Scrambler Arrow

For those following, all two of you, here is an update to Project Scrambler.

When I last updated I had installed the Arrow 2 into 1 pipe and had the ECU flashed with the Triumph fuel map to compliment the pipe. Since then it has run flawlessly. No popping on decel, wonderful power, and smooth operation. The one bad part is a drop of about 10 miles per gallon. I haven’t quite figured out if it’s me twisting the grip harder or the new map. I did get 41 MPG out of the last tank. That means it is climbing back up which hopefully continues.

I rode through a torrential down pour the other week and I can’t even describe how well the bike performed. This thing was built to tackle the ridiculous. Standing on the pegs crossing what amounted to small rivers of running water was a blast. I find the Scrambler easy to control, easy to maneuver, and with just enough power.


I installed a tank bag today to make commuting easier. Surprisingly I was able to mount a large Wolfman Luggage Expedition tank bag on the tank. You can read my review here. The bars have plenty of clearance and it looks pretty good. I am testing an AltRider tank bag on my Tenere so this needed a home.

I would like to remove the air injection system soon. Possibly remove the air box for more grunt, and add some more carrying capacity.

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