Review – Aerostitch Transit 2 Riding Suit


If I say Aerostitch what do you think of? Stodgy, boring designs that are so effective they have an almost cult like following? What if I told you they also make a black on black full leather riding suit that looks so badass the devil himself would wear it?

The Transit 2 riding suit is exactly that. A technical tour de force that combines classic leather looks, durability, and comfort with modern technology like Gore-Tex.


The Transit 2 is made from GORE-TEX® Pro Shell Leather. It’s hard to describe the leather. It has a look like it is perforated but it doesn’t let in water. It seems like it would be overly warm but in the same note you definitely need to layer in cooler temperatures. Those stretch panels and perforations allow a good deal of air flow.

Aerostitch describes it like this: “Transit’s micro-perforated breathable leather contains a proprietary treatment that prevents it from absorbing water. Millions of micro-vents across the surface of the leather insure that during high activity moisture on your skin will evaporate through, even when the suit is fully zipped and closed.”


There are 6 pieces of armor in the elbow, shoulder, knee, hip and back pads. Vents are minimal but with those micro perforations are almost superfluous. This will be the first leather suit that you are looking for more warmth versus trying to stay cool.

Comfort and Fit

Take the most comfortable piece of clothing you own and you get an idea of what the Transit 2 feels like after wearing it for a while. It is leather so there is some break in, but once it warms up to you it becomes part of you. The lining is so plush and soft you want to wear it all the time.

Fitment is on the small side. The pants in particular fit either true to size or slightly small. They are not over pants that are pants. If you want to wear this over jeans you need to go up two to three sizes. The jacket is close to size but they thickness of the back armor means you may want to go up one size. That will allow for layering and winter weight gain.


Did I mention the suit is leather? It will last generations if you take care of it. Ours has no signs of wear, the color is still bright, and the overall condition is like new. There are some wear lines, and smoothing of the leather… exactly what you would want a leather riding suit to do.

This is an heirloom set. You buy it for quite a bit of money, then you pass it on and it protects your family. It becomes a part of your legacy and your riding life.


The Verdict

We test a lot of riding gear, we like a lot of riding gear, there isn’t another suit we have tested that will outlast the Transit 2. There are suits with more features, and maybe more versatile but if you ride daily, long distance, and want a suit that will outlast what you paid for it this is the suit for you.

You can buy it right from Aerostitch. Pants and jacket for just under $2000 for the pair. We know that’s a ton of money initially. When you realize you may never buy another riding suit it starts to become apparent  it was a good investment.

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