Review – Shoei Hornet X2


For 2015 Shoei introduced the all new Hornet X2 to replace it’s aging Hornet DS. Did they hit it out of the park or is it just a minor update? Read on to find out.

Dual sport helmets are not for everyone, in some cases people that they are a faddish look at me accessory with no real purpose. A blending of the least useful features from two other helmet designs. The beak is an air drag, the visor doesn’t always allow for googles, and the shape is elongated and alien.

The Hornet X2 is better than all of that but not perfect. First let’s break it down a little.


The fit is more long or medium oval than a traditional Shoei. Normally I have to go one size up to wear the brand, but in this case I wear my standard medium. Normally I wear an Arai Signet Q long oval in medium so that gives you an idea of head shape. The helmet is on the heavy side and tips the scales at almost 4 pounds. That’s one of the heaviest helmets we have ever tested.



Plush, comfortable, and wicks moisture quickly. If you sweat a ton it will be wet when you put it back on but I found that the interior dried in a couple of hours and never had any smell residue. The heat was evenly distributed and I never had any hot spots.



This is the one area that I feel the Hornet falls short. This helmet is wonderful in the cold, great in the chilly, not too bad in the warmth, but not so hot…. OK it is hot in the heat. Other reviews have raved about the venting so take each with a grain of salt and assume your mileage may vary.

The venting is subpar for a helmet in this price bracket and category. A sacrifice made to have the aerodynamic efficiency this helmet possesses.


From the louvered peak to the overall shape of the X2 you can see immediately this helmet was designed to slice through the air. There is negligible lift from that peak, and even shoulder checks don’t try to twist your head all the way around backwards. This also helps the helmet stay quieter that a dual sport helmet should be.


Sound Levels

Speaking of sound levels… that’s called a segue – not to be confused with Segway. The gold standard for the office has been the Arai Signet series for sound. The Hornet X2 is better, but only just slightly better. The newer helmet design, combined with a denser interior lining give the X2 a distinct advantage.

The Wrap Up

There is a lot we could say about the Hornet X2. There is really only one that matters. Is it a good buy and a good helmet?


Priced at around $535 dollars and up we fell it is worth every penny. Snell 2015 certified, comfortable, aerodynamically superior with outstanding vision you cannot find a better helmet in the dual sport category for every day use.


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