Press Release – Touratech Destino Riding Boot

One of my least favorite pieces of gear to buy are boots. Finding a pair that can be used in multiple environments, that can be worn all day if you need to, and still deliver maximum weather and safety protection is a tough nut.

The Latest and Greatest ADV Gear

Every spring I get an itch to get something new—whether it’s a new bike, new seat, new luggage, new gear… well you get the idea. With that in mind, here are some things we thought were pretty interesting heading into the riding season.

CSC Cyclone EPA Approved for Sale

California Scooter Company (CSC Motorcycles) started out as a manufacturer of re-imagined Mustang motorcycles. Now they have begun importing a bike that many in the adventure market have been pining for. A small displacement, full-featured ADV bike, for a targeted MSRP of $3,495. The CSC Cyclone has a 250CC liquid cooled  fuel injected, and counter […]