Saving Lives – Motorcycle Ambulance

The world we live in is certainly different then 200 years ago. Modern roads, modern vehicles, modern medicine all make our lives far easier than our ancestors. There are people around the world who do not have these advantages.

Complaint Department

Welcome to the “Complaint Department” where we rant and rave and sometimes share our thoughts on topics involving vehicles of all types. 

Riders Block

Have you ever had a paper due, a work assignment, or even trying to just write something witty on a birthday card and couldn’t? That is how it feels to write for a living sometimes. Sitting there staring at a blank space and trying to will a story onto it. There are also times where […]

Design a Bike with 2WAAM

So here is the idea. We take all he comments, ideas, and info that you and I come up with and design a bike. Some constraints for the design are as follows. Must be naturally aspirated, all purpose for all roads, and be able to carry two people plus luggage. Everything else is up to […]

Victory’s New Cruiser?

The photo shows a new liquid cooled Victory equipped with a fender mounted sensor pack recording the performance parameters in some fairly nasty weather. Photo credit: MCN Victory has been rumored to be making a liquid cooled motorcycle for several months.  Design sketches were leaked initially. Eventually they were tied back to Victory designers as […]

Harley Davidson Livewire! Why this is a big deal.  HD is the largest manufacturer to date to release a production electric bike.  Even though this is a pre-production test it is still monumental for the electric motorcycle industry.