Rossi makes an Amazing Pass at Monza!

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Valentino Rossi action

If you know motorsports you probably have heard of Valentino Rossi (VR46). If you don’t follow motorcycles or live in a hole he is arguably the greatest motorcycle racer of all time. 9 times World Champion, 108 wins in GP racing from 125s to MotoGP, and following many other successful two wheeled racers he also dabbles in 4 wheel racing. Specifically rally racing but he has even flirted with Formula 1. The video below shows Rossi giving the business to a fellow competitor and making a pass that has defined his career in MotoGP. Aggressive, accurate, and perfectly executed.

Here is Rossi doing it to Casey Stoner on 2 wheels.

Might be our vote for pass of the year, but there is still racing to go. What series and driver has made what you consider the pass of the year?